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Wouldn’t it be beautiful if our homes were able to tell a story? Luckily, we’re able to do just that by incorporating art, photos, and collected pieces throughout our spaces that inspire us—and that’s where ASTERA comes in. Based on ancient Mesoamerican iconography, ASTERA symbolizes the totality of creation. Learn more about the birth story behind this stunning piece, its intricate detail, and meaning—and perhaps you’ll find incorporating this modern metal wall art will enhance the story you want your home to tell.

The Circle & The Cross

In ancient Mesoamerican iconography, the circle and the cross are elements of great symbolic importance. The cross represents the sky whereas the circle represents the earth—and together they signify the whole of humanity. From our earthly life to our journey to heaven, the circle and the cross capture it all—and so does ASTERA. Whether or not you believe there is a life after death, there’s beauty in acknowledging creation from this perspective.

However, ASTERA’s shape with two crosses superimposed on one another could also be interpreted as the four cardinal and intercardinal directions. But, how do north, south, east and west relate back to the idea of creation? Well, if you consider the importance of time keeping, weather patterns, migrating, and sunsets and sunrises, cardinal (and intercardinal) directions are integral parts of birth and rebirth. Not to mention, the circle in combination with the crosses could be interpreted as a compass guiding you through your own life’s journey.

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, & the Axis Mundi

We can’t discuss ASTERA without referencing the Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth. Many world religions and philosophies acknowledge three worlds: a heavenly world, an earthly world, and the underworld. Known as the cosmic axis, world pillar, world tree (among other names), the term “Axis Mundi” represents the connection between these three words—and mankind’s journey throughout them.

Similar to the cardinal direction interpretation referenced above, the Axis Mundi is considered the cosmic authority over the Heart of Sky and the Heart of Earth. Each day the sunrise signifies its “birth” from the Centerplace (the Heart of Earth) before “dying” at sunset as it passes through the Underworld. Man follows a similar path: Currently, we’re living in the intermediary world (the Centerplace) and can either ascend to Heaven or fall to the Underworld—and ASTERA, like the Axis Mundi, visually shows this upward or downward journey we’re on. Imagine a “You Are Here” stamp at the intersection of the crosses, and now’s our chance to gain insights and experiences before arriving at whatever destination is next.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect metal wall art for your living room or find yourself gravitating toward traditional Aztec décor, ASTERA would spark a lot of conversation. The beauty in owning your own contemporary metal wall art is your ability to choose what each piece means to you. So, if you see a compass, an earth, a heaven, or something else entirely, it’s your piece and you can assign meaning to it however you see fit. For more abstract metal art pieces, browse the Ennaia selection. You never know what inspiring pieces you may find.


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