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At Ennaia, we’re inspired by the past, nature, shapes, and phenomena. One of our favorite metal wall art pieces, CARTE, embodies each of these elements. Designed to emulate a forgotten map unfolded to reveal past secrets, is the story behind CARTE—but that’s just one interpretation. Map artwork can be something as obvious as featuring a globe in the study or framing your favorite subway system. But as modern metal wall art creators, we wanted to do something a little more unique. Read more about how we became inspired to create CARTE, and perhaps you’ll resonate with its backstory.

The Meaning of a Map

Carte is the French word for map, so we wanted to share the true definition of the word. However, you may want to dismiss your understanding of the meaning of “map” and broaden your knowledge about these other possibilities:

  • A map could be a literal, topographic view of a piece of land or water
  • A map could be an inter-related view of a city’s streets and highway systems
  • A map could have clues, drawings or quotes that guide you to a final answer

While these may seem different at first glance, there is a common thread between all definitions: a map is a symbol. And it was this interpretation that inspired us to dig deeper into what map artwork could entail.

The Story of Carte

It can be disconcerting to acknowledge the past is full of secrets that we’ll never know. But with the discovery of letters, photographs, journal entries—even maps—we can become privy to people, places and events that were once forgotten. CARTE was designed to emulate an ancient map, possibly full of secrets and lost lands, that had been found after much time. Complete with rumpled edges that have since been pressed flat, the idea is that now you can discover what the contents once were. What do you wish to find? A treasure map? The Lost City? A diagram of the heavens?

The depth that is achieved in the unevenness of CARTEs folds refers to the many secrets that an old map can reveal. Perfect for adventure seekers, curious minds or deep thinkers—CARTE reminds each of us to look back to the past every once in a while. There is always beauty and mystery to be discovered, we just need the right guide, clues or message to find it. More than just a piece of metal art work, CARTE is a reminder of life’s meaning.

Our pieces are created to evoke feeling, spark conversations, and provide beauty to your space. CARTE is special in its ability to do all of that and more. It’s a fearless interpretation of how it means to live, and should you relate to its mesmerizing meaning, it could be the perfect piece to bring your own essence to your space. What would a map of your own life reveal? Twists and turns? An upward trajectory? Or something else entirely? Let CARTE’s story inspire you to create your own rugged and unique roadmap. Contact us for more information on this wall sculpture art or our other pieces. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have in person, or you can find out more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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