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Art, in any form, can be meaningful and timeless – which makes it a truly special gift for any occasion. Imagine your delight if someone gave you a piece that not only spoke to your true essence, but brought your space to life, too. It’s a treasured gift that means so much to the recipient and will be deeply cherished for a lifetime. At Ennaia, we make modern art sculptures and wall décor that make for perfect gifts, but before you choose one to gift to friends or family, there are a few questions to consider first.

What type of art do they like?

This is the most important question to ask yourself if you’re considering buying someone else a piece of art because at the end of the day, you want someone to love the gift you give them. Maybe you’ve found yourself looking at art or modern wall sculptures and thought, “So-and-so would love this!” If so, then it’s likely you’re already aware of someone’s taste and preferences. But if you’re not so sure, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine their taste:

  • What is their favorite color? Do they own a lot of pink, navy, green, or red?
  • How is the interior of their home styled? Is it modern or traditional? Moody or bright?
  • Do they have any hobbies that could serve as an art theme? Are they nature enthusiasts or world explorers?
  • What is their fashion style? Is it tailored? Whimsical?
  • Do they prefer contemporary art? Classical art? Photography?

Whether you’ve known someone for years or you’ve just met them—you can learn a lot about a person’s taste by getting the answers to a few of the above questions.

Where will the piece live?

If you’re hoping to purchase a modern sculpture for someone else, you’ll need to consider what type of space it will need to really shine. At Ennaia, we have modern wall sculptures for smaller spaces or larger standing sculptures for homes with a bit more room. Not to mention, we treat every piece with our specialty paint that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. So, for anyone who appreciates home design that brings the outdoors in and the inside out, there’s nothing more visually stunning than a modern metal sculpture in a breezeway, front entrance or backyard. Plus, for anyone who likes to host outdoor dinner parties, a metal wall sculpture provides instant décor and ambience.

Do they have a favorite artist?

Knowing the answer to this question is especially helpful if you’re considering buying someone a piece of art. Even if you don’t pick a piece by the exact artist they love, you’re able to take clues from their style and pick something in the same genre. For example, if someone loves a specific photographer who specializes in landscapes—you’d know to choose something outdoor-related or nature-inspired. Similarly, if someone loved Jeff Koons, the famous steel artist, you’d know to look for modern sculpture art. Don’t be afraid to ask the recipient about artists that inspire them or the backstory on any current art pieces they own—answers to these questions will only help guide you in finding the best gift.

What’s your budget?

As you’ve likely noticed, art comes in every size, shape and price. But luckily, gifting someone a piece of art does not have to break your budget. First consider what you’d be comfortable spending. Once you give yourself strict parameters, then you’re better suited to find a piece that meets your needs and fits your intended aesthetic. We’re big believers that art should be accessible to everyone—because art’s effects are priceless. The joy it brings, the connections it makes, and the beauty it offers can’t be quantified, and Ennaia pieces reflect that sentiment. We want you to feel like giving someone a stunning piece of modern art is possible—because it’s a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Do you like the piece?

For whatever reason, this question is often forgotten—however, it’s a valuable indicator for whether your recipient will like the piece, too. If you’re choosing to give a modern sculpture to someone as a gift, chances are you appreciate the value, beauty, meaning, shape, and design of modern art sculptures, too. Trust your own intuition when exploring possible pieces. At Ennaia, we believe the right piece will speak to you—and if you know the recipient well enough, you’ll know exactly what it is they’ll love.

Find the perfect piece at ENNAIA

Giving art as a gift is such a unique way to show someone how much they mean to you. It’s basically a way to say “I believe in your dreams, hopes and goals” because that’s what art is: a physical representation of your innermost beliefs and desires. At Ennaia, we create modern sculpture pieces and modern metal wall art that speak to people’s souls. Our unique designs mean different things to different people and because every person interprets their meaning in their own way, they make the perfect gift.


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