by ENNAIA Team

We’re honored to have been chosen as one of the top Texas consumer goods companies according to Business of Shopping. The rankings were based on performance in the following categories: innovation, growth, management and societal impact—and we’re thrilled to see our efforts be recognized. To be featured alongside so many incredible startups feels both humbling and empowering, but let the record show, our mission to make high-quality sculptures accessible to everyone is only just the beginning.

The ENNAIA Difference

We believe buying sculptures should be fun, without costing an arm and a leg. That’s why we’ve fabricated a team of highly skilled craftsmen and artists to create modern art sculptures, at a fraction of the cost. With our innovative technology and materials, we’re able to make unique pieces and enhance more spaces.

Every Ennaia piece begins with a story. Whether it’s a historical event, a mythical tale, or a design found in nature, each piece is distinctive, inspiring, and captivating. For example, Icaro’s identity is inspired by the wings of Icarus, and its paper airplane shape embodies the sentiment of flight, failure and hope. Helia, on the other hand, was born from the dance that electrons take around the nucleus of an atom. The two sculptures could not be more different in terms of design and meaning; however, they both provide gravitas to your environment. When browsing our collection, we recommend choosing the piece that most speaks to you, because each unique piece means something different to everyone.

Define Your Personal Space

Accolades aside, our inspiring drive comes from inspiring our customers – you. We want you to house pieces that spark conversations, create a living legacy, and complete your space. Because every home should be a reflection of you and your ethos, we would be honored to have Ennaia be part of that.


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