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The beauty of art (whether that be style, personal aesthetic, or interior design) is its constant evolution. In fact, you may have noticed the “all-white-everything” trend is giving way to more color, and people are opting for divided spaces as opposed to open floor plans. People are defining their spaces according to new rules, adding intentionality to their homes, and decorating in a totally different way. That’s why we’re sharing the interior design trends of 2022 that have already been spotted—and how you can implement them in your own space.

Travel-Inspired Interiors

After spending so much time at home over the past few years, it’s only natural we want to surround ourselves with memories from previous trips or pieces that remind us of our favorite locales. To participate in this 2022 home décor trend, you can simply frame photos from family vacations, or begin collecting pottery, tapestries and other home goods when you travel abroad. One of our favorite sculptures that always brings an element of wanderlust is Icaro . Its paper airplane design and whimsical color choices make for a great conversation piece while alluding to one’s desire to take flight.

Bringing Nature In

We’ve long known the healing power of nature—so it’s no surprise more and more people are trying to bring the outside in. From raw materials to exotic floral arrangements, there’s a greater emphasis on things that come from the earth and the hand. Consider which elements you love most about nature: Is it the fresh air? Its grounding ability? Its organic shapes and colors? Take what you love most and include it in your designs. Experiment with elements like natural wood, metal sculptures with a natural patina or in a neutral color, and marble counters to begin feeling the natural calm that can come from these pieces.

Mixed Materials

Home décor trends in 2022 are all about infusing your space with objects you love. It’s less about hanging a poster you found at a big-box furniture store and more about defining the objects you live with as art. That’s why you’re seeing an eclectic mix of materials: a hard-carved wooden bench, a steel sculpture, a curved velvet sofa. When you begin treating your space as a collection of objects you love, it becomes less streamlined and identifiable – and more uniquely you. So, the next time you think a mohair rug and a plexiglass coffee table have no business being in the same room, ask yourself: Do you love them both? If yes, you might actually be right on trend.

Amped Up Exteriors

If you thought the interior design trends of 2022 were only about the indoors—think again. Those lucky enough with an outside space are already upgrading their environment to be a more comfortable hosting spot. Interior designer, Timothy Corrigan says “outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined as we continue to spend more time entertaining outdoors.” But it’s not just about the furniture. People are viewing their patios as a natural extension of their homes—so how else do you make it look and feel just as inviting as the inside? Art. Long gone are the days we kept our most treasured pieces indoors. Each Ennaia piece is treated with specialty paint that is suitable for any environment—making it the perfect addition to your yard. It will spark conversations, define your personal style and simply stand out as a beautiful piece.


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